Why You Should Track Your Successes

I don’t know about you but one thing I’ve noticed over the years is that as a professional one of the things that we tend to enjoy is achieving.
Think about how you measure how good a day it was.

Often it comes down to how much you actually got done. When you get through a lot of things you feel positive and when you only get through a handful you feel less positive.

Equally you might be the type of person who has a tendency to quickly forget about successes or alternatively just brush them off as being nothing significant.

The thing is whether it’s leading, managing or your own career, there are always going to be times when it feels like a real struggle.

You might be giving a lot in terms of effort but not from your own perspective moving forward.

At the same time, look back on your significant successes. Chances are you were determined, focused, driven and persistent.

I know that if I look back on my career, the real successes were when I really wanted to do something.

So why should you be tracking your successes?

They Remind You of Your Capability

Above all else they show you that you can achieve when you really go for it.

You can reflect on what made it happen and draw on some of your past successes.

Our Memory Isn’t Great

If you get a group of people together and ask them to recall their successes or achievements, they tend to struggle.

Even people who have been very successful can find it a challenge to recall their major career achievements.

Keeping track means they don’t get forgotten about.

You Achieve More Than You Think

We remember the big things. Yet day in and day out you achieve small wins that contribute to the big successes.

Acknowledge these.

You Will Market Yourself More Effectively

Whether you want to take the next step in your career or simply just have greater impact, having your successes at the forefront of your mind will help you to market you more effectively.

In reality, if you are like most, chances are you will be undervaluing you and what you can contribute, not because you haven’t achieved but have merely forgotten about your successes.

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