What Will Success Mean To You?

We are coming to the end of another year. Like most of us, you probably started the year with some plans. Your plans might have been related to your work, career, business, family or some personal aspiration.

The chances are some things went according to plan, some spectacularly failed and some turned out okay but not quite how you anticipated. I know that, as I look back on the year, there were things I tried that failed in a big way.

For some, failing at all is devastating. For me it is all part of the process of achieving success. We all have our own definition of success. Some of the components that constitute success for me include:

  • Having plenty of opportunity to contribute to the success of others.
  • Being appropriately rewarded for the skills, experience and expertise I bring for those who work with me.
  • Keeping a sense of balance between running a business and having the time to exercise and eat properly.
  • Being able to grow, develop and take on new challenges.
  • Being able to experiment and try things.

So as you think about planning for a new year, start by defining what success means for you. Taking this simple step will increase the chances of success and help you make the right choices.

So what do you hope to achieve in 2012?

Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements helps professional people become great leaders and managers. Sign up for his free audio e-course Leadership Success at www.goalsandachievements.co.uk.

About the Author Duncan Brodie

Since 2006 I’ve worked with in excess of 8,000 accountants and professionals in workshops, seminars and one to one helping them land their next jobs and become better leaders, presenters and business partners. Before that I spent 25 years in accountancy climbing the career ladder from Payments Clerk to FD. I’m a CIMA Fellow, Certified Professional Coach and Team Coach Facilitator.

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