What To Do When You Have A High Performing Team

As a leader and manager you always want to deliver great performance.  At the same time leading or managing or high performing team brings some specific challenges, not least complacency.

So if you are leading or managing a high performing team, how do you make sure it stays that way?

Continually Set New Challenges

High performing teams thrive on achieving so make sure that you continually raise the bar by setting new challenges.  This will keep them motivated.

Take Care When Replacing Someone On The Team

Leaders and managers face a real huge challenge every time someone leaves and has to be replaced.  When you have a high performing team that one bad apple with the wrong attitude can really create havoc.  Taking the time to think about the person and then waiting for the right person is always advantageous.

Watch Out For People Resting On Their Laurels

In the highly competitive world of business resting on your laurels can result in you losing ground pretty quickly.  As many organisations have found it is always incredibly difficult to climb back up when you have slipped down the rankings.

Watch Out For Burnout

A high performing team is likely to be highly productive.  At the same time you need to be alert to teams pushing themselves so hard that they just burn out.  Higher levels of sickness, anxiety and stress are just a few indicators to look out for.

The Bottom Line:  While you might believe leading and managing a high performing team is going to be easier, in reality it is just going to present different types of challenges.

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