What To Do When You Are Struggling To Get Support As A Leader

As a leader you know and understand that the extent to which you deliver results depends on getting the buy-in and support of many stakeholders. The stakeholders will vary depending on the type of organisation and include peers, the media, analysts, external reviewers and even the public.

So if you are struggling to get support as a leader what can you do?

Review Your Core Message

You may well think that your vision, aims or objectives are crystal clear. Yet sometimes what might seem crystal clear to you might lack any real clarity for others. When receiving messages most people start from a perspective of what your proposals mean for them. If your message does not address this it might be time to re-think it.

Get Some External Perspectives

It’s really easy to become attached to your message. After all you are probably passionate about it. You might be blind to the flaws in what you are proposing. Sometimes, getting an external perspective from someone who is a step removed can make a big difference.

Ask People To Share Their Concerns

People (or at least the vast majority) don’t object or resist just for the sake of it. Usually it is because they have worries or concerns. If you are willing to listen to those concerns, acknowledge them and explain how you are going to handle them it can result in significant progress.

Be Willing To Adapt

Yes you have your principles, your values, your desires, etc. At the same time you have to be willing to compromise from time to time. Be clear about what you will see as negotiable and be willing to adapt.

Get People Involved

People can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. Standing on the sidelines and criticising is easy. Of ten getting people to buy-in involved can be the step that gets things moving forward.

The Bottom Line: Getting the buy-in and support of others is essential to achieving results as a leader and in reality is a big challenge.

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