What To Do When Staff Engagement Is Low

Much is written about staff and employee engagement.  Some research suggests that when you have highly engaged staff your productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction is up to 4 times better than in the average organisation.

Other research has identified that as many of as 50% of people are just going through the motions at work and picking up their salary.

So if you are a leader faced with low levels of staff or employee engagement what should you do?

Ask For Open and Honest Feedback

It can be scary to expose yourself to open and honest feedback.  At the same time it is the start point for moving forward.  Go into listening mode and avoid making people wrong.

Find Out What Really Matters To Employees

Yes everyone wants to fell like they are fairly rewarded financially for the work that they undertake.  On the other hand money alone is rarely a long term motivator or a catalyst to engagement.  You need to take the time to find out what really matters to individual employees.

Come Up With A Clearly Measurable Improvement Plan

Every organisation can come up with a plan.  There is however a huge difference between a plan and a plan that you can measure.  Make sure that any plan you create has clear measurement in place.

Don’t View It As An Issue For Human Resources To Deal With

Yes Human Resources are the functional experts.  On the other hand they are not the people who directly manage the majority of the employees.  They can advise and support and work alongside managers but by themselves they can only achieve so much.

Focus On the Opportunities Rather Than The Problems

Salary and related costs are the biggest expense for most organisations.  You want to make sure you are getting the best return on this investment.  Rather than focusing on the problems, focus on solutions that improve the situation.

The Bottom Line: Engaged staff deliver more and make a huge contribution to organisational success.  So what action will you take to improve staff and employee engagement?

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