Being An Effective Leader Webcast Replay

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The recording of the masterclass is now available to listen to via your computer or to download and listen to via your mobile device.

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Towards the end of the webcast I spoke about my Leadership On The Go Programme.

This low cost, time efficient programme is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to be a more effective leader and manager.

It’s in bite size audios and also comes with detailed written notes.

By the time you complete this programme you will:

  1. Better understand your role
  2. Know your strengths and development areas
  3. Be thinking like a leader
  4. Be a more effective communicator
  5. Getting more support from others
  6. Be more personally productive


To learn more about the programme and the 100% guarantee that comes with the programme, click here


Enjoy the webcast replay.


Duncan Brodie