Transforming Low Performing Teams

You have just taken on your first or a new leadership role and you discover you are inheriting what is seen as a low performing team. How can you go about transforming the low performing team?

Start with an honest assessment

A core element in any form of transformation in relation to performance is to get crystal clear on where you are starting from. This requires some open and honest discussion about the bridges and barriers that are contributing to or detracting from better performance. Yes, it can be painful and challenging but is also a great opportunity if you create the right environment for the discussion.

Look for examples of success

When a team is on the downward spiral, it is sometimes hard to remember what success was really like. A good leader will be able to help the team recall examples of success and what was it that created the success.

Put the improvement agenda in the hands of the team

Too often people believe that the way to transform things is to impose solutions or bring in outside consultants. The reality is that, if you want to get change in a team, you need to get the team or sufficient numbers in the team to drive the improvement.

Take small steps

When you are feeling negative, any step can seem like a huge step. Breaking what you hope to achieve into small steps allows regular achievement, an opportunity to celebrate and to build motivation.

Be patient

Any type of change takes time so be willing to be patient. People come to terms with new demands at different speeds. Some are natural early adopters while others wait until the last possible moment. Try to balance progress against distancing people.

The Bottom Line

Transforming teams that are seen as low performing takes time. So what do you need to pay attention to in order to create success?

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