The Reality Of Being In A Leadership Role

There is no shortage of books and resources on how to be a successful leader. Just enter this term into Google and you will get millions of results.

From the outside looking in or from reading books it can appear straightforward. The reality is very different. So what are some of the realities of being in a leadership role?

Reality 1: High Expectations

The expectations of those in leadership roles are extremely high. Sometimes it can feel like others expect you to have some sort of magic wand that will immediately improve things.

Reality 2: There Are Many Stakeholders

Each of these stakeholders has different interests which you have to try and meet. It is a difficult balancing act.

Reality 3: You Don’t Get A Lot Of Time

You might have a few months to settle in but others are impatient and want to see results fast. Often you have very little time to start delivering.

Reality 4: You Are Only As Good As The Team Around You

No matter how competent you are personally, there is only one of you. To achieve anything you need a great team of people around you.

Reality 5: There Will Always Be Objectors

Whatever you are trying to do, there will always be some who will object to what you are trying to do.

Reality 6: You Can Never Rest On Your Achievements

You might have just delivered a year of exceptional performance. The first day of the new year you are expected to do it all again and a bit better.

Reality 7: It’s Sometimes Lonely

You are senior so people assume that you are totally self confident and never have doubts. Unless you have a support network it can be extremely lonely at the top.

Reality 8: You Always Have To Self Manage

In other words keep calm no matter how frustrated or irritated you might feel.

Reality 9: Everyone Else Thinks They Know Better

If people are not happy with what you propose they will at times seek to undermine what you are trying to do because they believe their way is better.

Reality 10: The Buck Stops With You

At the end of the day you are accountable. Buck passing or blaming is never an option. You have to be willing to be accountable.

What other realities would you add based on your own experiences?

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