The Core Components for Successful Team Working

Being part of a successful team is not just a lot of fun but hugely motivating too. While it might seem like successful team working just happens by chance, the reality is quite different. So what are the core components for successful team working?

Core Component 1: A Clear Purpose

If any team is going to thrive, it needs to be crystal clear about what it is trying to achieve. Sounds simple but so often teams are established which have a completely vague purpose. Make clear what is going to be different once the purpose is achieved.

Core Component 2: Supportive and Appreciative

If you are going to get teams of people working together, you need to be supportive of their efforts and appreciate what they are trying to achieve. Leaders and managers so often overlook this or maybe just get so engrossed in their own problems that they forget about the team.

Core Component 3: High Degree of Trust

This is one of the easiest things to say but often one of the hardest to achieve. Building trust and getting to the point where team members are willing to rely on each other takes time. Trying to force the pace will not help shorten the time frames; you just need to be willing to be patient.

Core Component 4: Good Communication

Anyone can communicate in one direction. The real challenge is to get two way communication where views and ideas are freely expressed. Core to this is to get people as competent at listening as they are at speaking and writing.

Core Component 5: Real Freedom

Sometimes leaders talk about empowering people. While some do this very successfully, many say the words but are inconsistent when it comes to their actions. Really empowering relies on the team being given real freedom to take decisions and, more importantly, make mistakes without it being thrown back at them.

The Bottom Line

Successful team working can deliver exceptional benefits. What needs to happen to start leveraging these benefits?

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