The Apprentice UK: Semi-Final

After 10 weeks of seeing the candidates in action in team situations, we got to see much more of them as individuals at the interview stage.

For me this is one of the most enjoyable parts of the the series.

As always the interviewers gave the candidates a real grilling which is exactly what you would expect for a job with a six figure salary.

After the deliberations it was Stella and Chris who triumphed and made it through to the final next week.

Personally, I think Lord Sugar made the right choice for the two finalists.  In the interviews both Chris and Stella showed that they could remain calm even when they were put under some intense pressure.

However, I don’t believe it was just what they did in the interview stage that counted.

If we look over the course of the last 10 weeks, both Stella and Chris showed:

  1. That they can perform well consistently
  2. They can lead and manage well
  3. They are willing to put their hands up and take responsibility when things don’t go so well
  4. They can take and act on feedback
  5. They are professional
  6. They can work as part of a team even when they are not the leader

Lord Sugar talks about not looking for a Steady Eddie or Cautious Carol and to some Stella and Chris might have many traits of these two characters.

At the same time, Lord Sugar knows that the person coming into the job needs to be able to fit in to the organisation, work with others and represent his business interests well.

Not a million miles different to what any organisation that is looking for a slightly more senior person.

It will be interesting to see who gets over the final hurdle and secures the role of The Apprentice UK 2010.

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