The 3 Biggest Barriers To Making Change Happen

Change is now part and parcel of the role of any leader or manager these days. External pressures mean that standing still is no longer an option for organisations who want to thrive and prosper.

Yet the level of success in making change varies considerably. It is not uncommon to hear of as high as 70% of changes failing to deliver what was planned in terms of benefits or results.

The truth is there are a number of barriers that get in the way of making change happen. These include:

Not Getting The Buy In And Support Of The Critical Mass

Whether leaders and managers like it or not, how people respond to change has a huge bearing on whether change is delivered or not.

Leaders and managers who invest the time involving people, listening to and responding to concerns that people have are much more likely to get the support that they need.

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

When the heat is on you as a leader or manager, the common response is to try and be overly optimistic about how quickly change can be delivered.

In any change situation there is going to be some short term quick wins. Making sustainable, significant change will take time, so check the reality of your expectations.

Trying To Do Too Much All At Once

In most organisations there are going to be few people who are in the position where they have too much time and too little to do.

For that reason it is important for leaders and managers to prioritise change initiatives in order to avoid change overload.


The truth is that making change is always going to be a challenge. At the same time avoiding some of the most common mistakes can positively influence your results.


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