Team Success: Lessons From The World Cup

As a keen football fan I have been following a number of matches in the World Cup in South Africa.

What I have noticed is that there are some really useful learning points about team success for managers and leaders in business.

There Has To Be Commitment

It’s interesting to notice the difference between the teams who are doing well and those who are struggling.  Those who are thriving have players who are really proud to be representing their country. 

Great Individuals Don’t Make A Team

England have without doubt some talented individuals but they did not seem to gel as a team.  To get the best from a team you clearly have to bring out the best in each individual and get them all playing to their strengths.

Money Is Not The Motivator

If it was the high earners would be performing the best which has proven not to be the case.

The truth is that team success is largely down to a group of people who are committed to a common purpose and are willing to work collectively and support each other to get the result they desire.

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