Team Success: How To Get The Right People On The Team

It is often said that you have to get the right people on a team with the right blend of skills, experience, knowledge and personal attributes to deliver success>  So how can you get the right people on the team?


Determine what you are trying to achieve


A big influencer on who you need on the team is determining what it is you are trying to achieve.  For example, if you are trying to achieve something technically complex, you might need people with expert knowledge of the detail sprinkled with a few who can see the bigger picture,  For example people who invent things might not be great in turning it into something commercially viable.


Determine the essential skills


The essential skills are those that are so vital to the result that you are trying to achieve.  If these are missing from the team, the chances of success are greatly diminished.  Write these down so that you can use as a reference point when it comes to deciding who to get on the team.


Determine the desirable skills


You may have some skills that are not make or break when it comes to achieving the result but will still be of great value.  So for example, you may need an accountant or your team but you are particularly interested in someone with a strong IT bias.


Consider the personal attributes


Skills, knowledge, experience are vitally important but success in a team is much more than a pool of brains.  You need people with the right personal qualities like


  • Good relationship builders


  • Able to build on ideas of others


  • Great at listening


  • Supportive of others


  • Able to constructively give feedback


Don’t underestimate the importance of personal attributes when creating a team.


Bottom Line – Success on a team is not guaranteed.  Making sure that you have the right people on the team can however make a huge difference in the results and success achieved.




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