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7 Reasons Why Leaders and Managers Should Look After Employees

How often have you heard the phrase trotted out “People Are Our Greatest Asset”   Probably numerous instances if you have been in the workplace for any period of time.  While there are some organisations that back the words up with action, the reality is that many fail to get the fact that employees are their […]

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Goals and Achievements Top Ten Blog Posts of All Time

I have been regularly blogging on leadership, management, team working and careers since 2099. In this blog post I am sharing with you details of the top 10 posts on my blog in terms of number of times viewed. Take a look and let leave a reply letting me know which one you liked best […]

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Six Stepping Stones To Being A Better Leader

We all know that being a leader is a big challenge.  On the face of it, leading in itself should not be that difficult but the reality in practice is that it is a challenge.  Unlike many areas there is no guaranteed blueprint that will work every time in any situation.   At the same time […]

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