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From Great Professional To Great Leader

You may well be the best in your professional field. However, as you progress, the key is to successfully make the transition from great professional to great leader. So what are my best tips?

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Video Blog Post: Five Traps For New Leaders

As a new leader you want to deliver great results. However, there are some traps to avoid if you want to deliver as a leader. Find out what in this short video. As always, if there are traps of your own that you think others should avoid, please leave a comment. div>

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Leadership: 5 Potential Hazards Facing New Leaders

You have just got your fist leadership role.  Chances are you are excited, elated and feeling generally positive.  At the same time you know that becoming leader brings with it many new challenges and hazard that you need to be alert to.    Hazard 1: Self Doubt                     You have got o the level of […]

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