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What Efforts Further Organisational Goals?

One of the most pressing challenges facing most leaders is how do I get everything I need to do done without working excessive hours. I can recall when I was in a leadership roles.  There were plenty of meetings to attend, calls on my time and demands for input not to mention multiple deadlines. I […]

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Leadership Success: Flexible Scheduling

If you are leading or an aspiring leader, I am guessing that success is important to you.  Yet in truth many leaders do just the opposite.  If we are totally honest we all to a greater or lesser extent confuse effectiveness with volume. When it comes to planning and scheduling you know that nothing ever […]

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Personal Effectiveness: Know Your Priorities

Ask any manager what one of their biggest challenges is and chances are that a lack of time will be pretty high up the list of answers.  Given that the total time available per day, week, month or year is out of your control, it is how you use it that matters. With lengthy job […]

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