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Focus On Your Role As A Finance Business Partner

The Finance Business Partner model is being implemented by many organisations. The aim is to create a role where the focus is more on working with the business to support the delivery of business results. In reality the Finance Business Partner is pretty broad and includes:Providing the expert advice.Facilitating discussions, decisions and actions.Influencing strategy.Bringing insight.Contributing way beyond […]

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The Role of The Finance Professionals In Challenging Times

Finance professionals whether in traditional roles, finance business partnering or even in leadership roles have an important role to play in business success. In challenging times the role takes on even greater significance. In this video blog post I share 3 roles that finance professionals need to take on to be really valuable in challenging times. The fact […]

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The Role of The Finance Business Partner In Challenging Times

Finance Business Partners make a major contribution to business performance and success. How does the role of the Finance Business Partner change in challenging times like we have right now with COVID-19 pandemic? To help answer this, I video interviewed one of the UK’s leading authorities on Finance Business Partnering, Andi Lonnen  Visit The Finance Business Partner […]

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