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Business and Leadership Lessons From The 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics are in full swing. Like many others I have been spending some time watching the Olympics on TV. The competitors in the Olympics are obviously those who are the elite group in their particular sport within the country they are representing.  They are interviewed immediately after their event.  Some have been […]

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Effective Team Working: Understanding and Working With Team Dynamics

When we are part of a team that is delivering results we feel hugely motivated and when we are hugely motivated we tend to keep taking performance to a higher level. Often small teams whose members are drawn from a group of people who tend to share common values and ways of thinking achieve a […]

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Team Working: What Stops Teams From Working Effectively?

When teams get to performing there is no doubting the value and benefit that they bring.  Sometimes however, teams just do not work effectively.  So what stops teams from working effectively?   Fuzzy goals or objectives   If a team does not know with absolute clarity what it is to deliver, chances are that at […]

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