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Team Effectiveness: Creating Clear Goals

Teams and organisations exist to deliver a specific result.  If a team lacks clarity about what it is to deliver, then it may deliver something but chances are it will not be optimal performance.   So how can you create clear goals for your team?   Ask yourself what the problem or need is   […]

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Team Success: Do You Know Where You Are Heading?

When working with groups on team working, one of the questions I ask is ” What are the success ingredients of great teams?” Almost without exception, one of the first things on the list is having a clear goal. When you have a clear goal that you can articulate and is understood by everyone in […]

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Team Working: The Power of A Common Goal

When leading workshops, training or speaking about teams, I often get people to think about what the key characteristics are of the best teams. Without exception, having a common goal is one of the first things that people tend to highlight. So why are goals seen as so powerful when it comes to team working? […]

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