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Why Creativity And Risk Taking Is Critical To Leadership Success

Leaders are ultimately judged on the results that they deliver. While this might sometimes seem unfair, all leaders understand that this is the reality.

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Business and Leadership Lessons From The Apprentice Week 10

So we were down to the last six in The Apprentice UK last night. The teams were tasked with buying stock, selling it, noticing what was selling, re-investing in what was proving popular and making as much as they could. Melody was team leader on one team and Natasha on the other team. Natasha’s team […]

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Making The Big Calls As A Leader

As a leader you are first and foremost judged on the results that you deliver. Achieving significant results does not happen by chance. One of the things that you have to be willing to do is to make the big calls as a leader. Often we see leaders who are good at the talk but […]

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