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7 Great Leader Characteristics

Being a successful leader is much more than just having good skills.  Your personal attributes or characteristics are just as important to your success.  In fact some research would suggest that these are even more vital to your success.  Of the host of characteristics that leaders have, here are my top 7. Commitment Leadership is […]

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7 Attributes Of Successful Leaders

High levels of personal commitment and willing to do what it takes. Ready and able to bounce back from setbacks and disappointments. Able to keep hold of the bigger picture even when dealing with the here and now. Committed to helping others to achieve success. Willing to make the time for others. Courageous and willing […]

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The Top 5 Mistakes of Less Successful Leaders

Anyone who takes the step into a leadership role wants to prosper and achieve success in my experience.  So what are the top 5 mistakes that less successful leaders make and what can you do differently? Mistake 1: Survival rather than results focus Your role as a leader is to get results.  Yet in my […]

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