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Making Feedback Count

One of the most important things that you can get as a leader or manager is feedback.  When you get regular feedback you know how you are progressing and where you need to develop.  On the other hand if you are getting no feedback, you are just going along hoping for the best.   While […]

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Effective Staff Appraisal

As a manager or leader you will no doubt have responsibility for undertaking staff appraisals.  If you have been appraised in the past by your manager it can appear easy and it should be.  So how can you make appraisals effective and powerful sources of staff motivation? Planning Planning is the key to effective appraisal.  […]

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6 Key Areas In A Staff Appraisal Agenda

Staff appraisals are an ideal opportunity to provide feedback and provide motivation for employees.  Trouble is that many managers see it as a box ticking exercise and as a result employees lose interest and see it as a waste of everyone’s time So what are the 6 key areas that you need to cover in […]

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