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Leadership Lessons Learned The Hard Way

There is a lot of great content delivered about leadership from a whole range of different sources.  At the same time there is a huge difference between theory and practice of leading.  So in this blog post I wanted to share some of the lessons learned the hard way from being a leader. Lesson 1: […]

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10 Things About Leading You Won’t Discover In Books

There are many great leadership books out there and like many I love to learn from the insights of others. At the same time there are often some harsh realities that you never discover or are perhaps skimmed over in books and training.

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3 Realities of Leading

Stepping into a leadership role is a significant step in just about every profession.  Initially you feel excited and energised and appear to be going along on a crest of a wave.  Sadly, much as we would like this feeling to last for ever, the realities of leading is somewhat different. So what are some […]

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