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The Keys To Presenting Effectively – Even if You Hate Presenting

Presenting is a key skill for accountants and professionals. You have to be able to get your ideas across to a whole host of people. Some will be hugely interested in what you have to say. Others less so. Here’s the issue.  Many accountants and professionals in my experience either:Hate presenting and avoid if they can.Do it reluctantly and […]

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How To Get Ready To Deliver A Presentation

As a leader or manager, you are going to give a presentation to a meeting, team, suppliers, customers and even maybe the general public at some point. For many presenting is a real challenge. So when you are getting ready to deliver a presentation, how can you get in the zone and deliver at your best time and time again?

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Common Myths About Presenting

Many people fear presenting more than death. Often these barriers to presenting are more in the mind than grounded in reality. So what are the common myths you need to be alert to?

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