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Leadership Development: 5 Benefits of Working with a Coach or Mentor

Being a leader can be a really lonely existence.  Expectations are high and it can often be a real struggle to stay on top of your game and continually deliver great results.  Continuing to develop as a leader has never been so vital not least because of the major challenges facing many organisations right now. […]

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Creating and Achieving Your Personal Development Plan

A personal development plan helps you to grow and achieve.  So why do so few people take the time to create one?  Two potential reasons are: • Lack of know how • Fear of limiting themselves 5 key steps in creating a personal development plan 1. Do a personal stock-take of your strengths and development needs.  As well […]

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5 Reasons Why Coaching and Mentoring Is So Effective For Developing People

The Insights Series from The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants identified coaching and mentoring as one of the most effective development methods.  So what is it about coaching and mentoring that makes it such a powerful development method?  Here are my 5 top reasons. 1. Ongoing Many traditional approaches to development are one chance events.  If […]

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