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How Would Your Boss Describe You?

In job interviews you are going to be asked many different types of questions.  If you are an accountant or other business professional, chances are you will be asked questions:   About you and the type of person you are   About your knowledge or understanding of the organisation you want to work for   […]

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The 5 Golden Rules Of Job Interview Success

Your CV has had the impact that you want and you are invited for interview.  At this stage you are in serious contention for the role.  So what are the 5 golden rules to being successful in the job interview?   Rule 1: Do Your Research   When I was first on the job market […]

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Why Candidates Don’t Perform As Well As They Could In Job Interviews

Whether we like it or not performing well in job interviews is essential if you are going to achieve the success in your career that you desire.  A few seem just to be able to go in and perform consistently well in job interviews while others find it a real struggle. We all know that […]

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