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5 Mistakes Leaders Make When Developing The Organisations Strategy

An organisations business strategy should be the focal point for where the organisation is going and the contribution that it is going to make.  While this might be understood there are sill some common mistakes that are made. Mistake 1: Imposing All Their Own Ideas As a leader you are of course expected to have […]

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5 Keys To Creating A Strategy

Pick up one of the many books around leadership and you might get the impression that creating strategy is all about blue sky thinking and away days. In truth, creating and delivering on a business strategy is a major challenge. So what is key to creating strategy?

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Leadership and Organisational Success: 3 Challenges in Creating Effective Strategies

As a leader one of your key roles is to set out the overall direction for the organisation over the medium to long term.  Pick up any textbook and it might seem like the easiest thing in the world to do.  Yet in reality it is often an area of real struggle.  Why is this […]

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