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Why You Should Always Have A Break Before Starting Your New Job

You have completed the selection process. You get notified by the hiring organisation that you have been successful and are offered the job. Great news for you without a doubt. The hiring organisation will no doubt want to know when you can start. The temptation might be to say a date immediately after your notice period in your old […]

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Job Moves- Think Before You Jump

I came across a post on LinkedIn from Robin Kiziak a while back. In the post Robin spoke about something called “Helsinki Bus Station Theory” It related to continually chopping and change to be creative. The post made me think about job moves. There are plenty of roles out there for accountants and professionals. The temptation can be to chop […]

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Career Success: How Long Should You Stay In A Job

A question people sometimes ask and can be difficult to answer is how long should I stay in a job if I want to have a successful career. While some will tell you that it is essential that you change jobs every two years if you want to get to the more senior levels, the […]

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