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Do You Report On The Cost of Non Conformance As A Finance Business Partner?

Many organisations are facing really challenging times right now. And it looks like this will be the way it is for quite a while. When faced with tough times, the use of resources becomes even more important. I remember back in the early 90’s getting trained in quality when working in a credit card company. At that time it […]

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Leadership Success: The 5 Golden Rules of Measuring Performance

Measuring may not be the thing that really excites you as a leader.  At the same time you probably have heard people say over and over again that what gets measured get’s done.  Any business that is serious about achieving results needs to measure performance.  So what are the 5 golden rules of measuring performance? […]

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Leadership and Organisational Success: Measuring What Matters

It might not be the most exciting thing that you do as a leader but achieving success relies on you having an effective system of measuring progress.  Think about it, if you are measuring something it is on your radar and if it is on your radar you are more likely to be alert to […]

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