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How To Be A Great Listener

Communication gets mentioned a lot. Yet often it is a lack of listening that gets in the way of progress and results in organisations.In this video I share some tips on what you can do to be a better listener.

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Staff Engagement

Research suggests that having highly engaged staff results in productivity, profits and customer satisfaction being as much as 4 times higher than in companies who do not pay attention to this. In this short audio I share some thoughts on Staff Engagement. Duncan Brodie helps those in professional and highly technical roles to be come […]

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Learning About Team Working From The Apprentice Week 2

Well The Apprentice week 2 was broadcast here in the UK last night.  While in previous groups there have been some strong personalities, the girl’s team demonstrated perfectly how not to operate as a team.  So what were the real learning points? People need to listen to each other rather than talk over each other […]

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