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What I Learned About Leading From Being A Finance Director

It is very easy to look from the outside and assume that leading is really easy. The reality is often very different. In this video I share some insights on what I learned about leading from being in a Finance Director level role. Duncan Brodie helps accountants and professionals being more effective leaders and achieve […]

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Why You Need To Build Relationships As A Leader

Building relationships is often highlighted as an important part of your success as a leader. As a leader you have many varied relationships to consider.

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Delivering Results As A Leader

If you are a leader you are first and foremost tasked with delivering results.  Continuously delivering results can prove challenging.  There are numerous obstacles, objections and setbacks to deal with.  At the same time, your ability to deliver results can be enhanced by doing some simple things. Be Clear About The Outcome You Want Vague […]

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