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5 Barriers That Get In The Way of People Leading and Managing Effectively In Turbulent Times

Every leader and manager faces challenges on a day to day basis.  Most of of the time they deal with them.  In turbulent times, which I define as perhaps a crisis or a time where there is a need for decisive action, many leaders and managers struggle. I’ve picked out 5 main reasons for this, […]

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Big Challenges Need Different Thinking

After a period of what might best be described as ‘continued growth’, things are much tougher. For leaders this requires some tough choices to be made.

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Leadership: The Importance Of Coherent Plans

Here in the UK we are on the final run up to a general election. What’s clear is that whichever party is in power there are some significant challenges ahead. As early as the day after the election was announced, we saw the value of the pound fall against other currencies and part of the […]

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