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How Many Holes Are There In Your Leadership Bucket

Leaders are judged ultimately on the results that they achieve.  Like everyone they make mistakes, learn from them, adjust, adapt and try something else.  At the same time leaders might well have leaks in their leadership bucket that are actually getting in the way of them achieving to their potential. So how many of the […]

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21 Dumb Things Bad Leaders and Managers Do

As a leader and manager you understand that to get the results that you are truly capable of you need to make best use of all the assets and resources at your disposal. Despite this every manager every leader and manager does some dumb things that actually prevents them from getting the best results from […]

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The Top 5 Mistakes of Less Successful Leaders

Anyone who takes the step into a leadership role wants to prosper and achieve success in my experience.  So what are the top 5 mistakes that less successful leaders make and what can you do differently? Mistake 1: Survival rather than results focus Your role as a leader is to get results.  Yet in my […]

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