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How to Determine If You Are a Good Fit For a Job

As an accountant or professional, I suspect your career matters to you.  After all you probably have invested a significant amount in getting or making progress towards professional qualifications. Throughout your career you will make a number of job changes.  This involves finding roles, getting the interview invitation and then converting the job interview into a […]

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How To Increase Your Chances Of Moving Into A New Industry or Sector

When people approach me for help in making their next career move, one of the things they often raise is a desire to move to another sector. One would think that for professionals like accountants this should be relatively straightforward.  After all the core discipline of accounting is similar whatever industry or sector. While this […]

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Are Accountants Missing Out On Job Opportunities?

This morning on twitter I came across a tweet from a CEO of a major organisation. The core of the tweet was that she was having trouble locating FDs on twitter in her sector. It got me thinking about whether accountants, particularly those in the public sector are making full use of the potential of […]

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