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Don’t Blow Your Chances of Success in Your Next Accounting Job Interview

You have got through the screening process.  Your marketing has been effective.  Your CV has got you an interview. So far so good.  You are one step closer to getting the job. Of course there is still a lot to do to get the job offer after interview. If you do this you will blow your chances of […]

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Answering The Job Interview Question About Your Strengths

In a job interview there are certain questions that you are almost guaranteed to be asked. A question about your strengths falls into that category. In many respects this should be a real gift of a question.  Yet over the last 25+ years I’ve noticed it’s a question many accountants and professionals struggle with. Why? There’s actually several reasons:They […]

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How To Really Do Well In Your Next Job Interview

Get Access To My Free How To Ace The Job Interview Mini Course Job interviews are challenging.  They are also a great opportunity for you. Sadly many accountants and professionals struggle in job interviews. It’s not that they are not capable.  Often they just don’t do what’s necessary to perform really well. Check out the video above and […]

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How to Handle Job Interview Questions About a Lack of Experience

You apply for a role that you believe you are a good but not a perfect fit.  You get the invitation to go along for an interview. So far so good.  The interview is going well.  You feel you have built up good rapport with the person who is interviewing you. Then it gets to the […]

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With So Much Advice Available Why Do Accountants and Professionals Still Struggle In Job Interviews?

Do a Google search on the term “Best job interview tips” and you will discover there is no shortage of advice available. In fact a search on that specific term will give you over 8million responses. With so much advice available why do accountants and professionals still struggle in job interviews? I believe there are several reasons. Reason 1: […]

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Why Not Getting The Job Isn’t The End Of The World

You got an interview.  You went through one or more likely a series of interviews. You get the call or email to say you were unsuccessful. Chances are you are pretty deflated. Here’s the reality.  Not getting the job isn’t the end. Let me explain why in this short video. If you’ve enjoyed this video and want to achieve […]

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