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The #1 Reason Why Job Interviews Are A Struggle

Why are job interviews such a struggle for many accountants and professional people. I think one of the reasons is that people don’t identify enough potential questions and then write out answers to those questions ahead of a job interview. And as a result, what happens is they really struggle on the day and get rejected. When I […]

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How To Talk About Your Career Achievements Authentically In Job Interviews

If you are an accountant or professional, chances are you are highly committed. You do great work because that’s what’s expected. You don’t think that what you are doing is anything out of the ordinary. You are just doing your job after all, right? Here’s the problem A job interview is competitive. There’s one job and several candidates. And a sad but […]

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The 7 Most Common Mistakes Candidates Make In Job Interviews and How To Overcome Them

Getting invited to a job interview is a significant achievement. Especially as at the time of writing (during COVID-19) there are an awful lot of candidates chasing each opportunity. This might always have been the case for more junior roles.  However I’ve noticed it being the case for accountants and functional professionals too. Now if you make it […]

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