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The #1 Reason Why Job Interviews Are A Struggle

Why are job interviews such a struggle for many accountants and professional people. I think one of the reasons is that people don’t identify enough potential questions and then write out answers to those questions ahead of a job interview. And as a result, what happens is they really struggle on the day and get rejected. When I […]

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How To Perform To Your Potential In Job Interviews

Job interviews are challenging and so they should be. Securing a job interview means you are a step closer to landing that next role. So what can you do to make sure that you perform to your potential? Duncan Brodie helps accountants and professionals achieve more career success. Learn more here

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How To Make Sure You Are A Serious Contender In Any Job Interview

Whether you like it or not, an interview with one or several people is the most common way employers decide who gets appointed to a particular role. When I am working with or speaking with people, they have a tendency to see the whole job interview process as a bit of a lottery.  They will […]

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