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Acknowledgement, Motivation and Organisational Success

Imagine this scenario. There is major deadline to be met. It is so big a challenge that people will have to go way over and above what is expected to them if the end result is to be achieved. You are part of the team who really puts in a lot of extra time and […]

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How To Keep Employees Motivated

Every manager knows the difference that a motivated team of people make to the results that are achieved. At the same time I am constantly amazed just how few managers take the time to really understand what makes the people that they manage tick. In this video I offer a few suggestions and ideas on […]

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How To Motivate People

Motivating a team of people is one of the biggest challenges facing leaders and managers. Trouble is so many managers and leaders believe, often incorrectly, that money is a motivator. Yes, people need to feel like they are fairly rewarded for what they deliver. However, as research shows, money in itself is not a long […]

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