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10 Secrets About Leading That You Already Know

Leading is odd. There is much advice out there about what to do and how to do it. Yet sometimes there is a huge disconnect between what people know and what they do. So here are my 10 top secrets about leading that you may already know but might not be applying. Secret 1: Seniority […]

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Six Stepping Stones To Being A Better Leader

We all know that being a leader is a big challenge.  On the face of it, leading in itself should not be that difficult but the reality in practice is that it is a challenge.  Unlike many areas there is no guaranteed blueprint that will work every time in any situation.   At the same time […]

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25 Leadership Thoughts

Leadership is one of those odd areas. Unlike the detailed technical and professional work that many of my clients undertake, it can appear really simple. Yet the reality is very different.

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