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What Contributes To A Successful Career In Accountancy

A career in accountancy can be hugely rewarding financially and non financially. Despite working hard and doing well in exams, many accountants struggle to achieve the career success they want. Over the last 36 years I’ve learned that there are a whole host of factors that contribute to a successful career in accountancy. A selection […]

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7 Contributors To A Successful Career In Accountancy

Having been in accounting and consulting roles for over 30 years, I have seen many people achieve great success in their career.  At the same time others have struggled.   Taking stock of what I have learned, I wanted to write an article highlighting what I see as the 7 top contributors to a successful […]

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How To Have A Great Career In Accountancy

Most of us start out in our working life with high aspirations of what we want from our career.  Chances are we will have invested a huge amount of time, money and energy in getting professionally qualified.  Yet despite all of this, many accountants really struggle to have the great career that they desire. So […]

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