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How To Make Sure You Are The Best Candidate In The Job Interview And Not Just On Paper

I’m sure anyone who has ever recruited staff will be familiar with this scenario. You receive applications. You go through them and create a shortlist of those you would like to meet for interview. Within the group you have shortlisted, there might be one or two who you really look like they would be ideal for the job. It’s […]

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The Hardest Part Of Landing Your Next Accounting Job

As a highly skilled and experienced accountant, you would expect that the process of landing your next accounting job would be pretty straightforward. Of course the reality is very different. I’ve seen people at all levels struggle with landing their next job. When I was building my career in accounting and finance, I too had struggles at different […]

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Building The Case For Hiring You

There’s a lot of people on the accounting job market right now. COVID-19 has had an impact on most organisations.  For some it’s meant growth and more demand and a need for more staff. Others have had to downsize and make redundancies. After the initial disappointment you have to get back out there and find that next role. Some believe […]

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