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Why You Might Be Your Biggest Barrier To Landing Your Next Job

At any time looking for and landing your next job is tough. Add in the uncertainty around COVID-19 and it adds another challenge. Employers, just like all of us don’t know what’s around the corner. They will be cautious in their approach. I’ve seen examples of interviews being cancelled at short notice. It can be frustrating. Equally organisations are dealing with […]

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Building The Case For Hiring You

There’s a lot of people on the accounting job market right now. COVID-19 has had an impact on most organisations.  For some it’s meant growth and more demand and a need for more staff. Others have had to downsize and make redundancies. After the initial disappointment you have to get back out there and find that next role. Some believe […]

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22 Tips On How To Land That Next Job

If you have picked up this article then chances are you: Have decided you want a new job Have started looking but are not getting interviews Are getting interviews but not getting offers. So let me cut to the chase and share 22 things you can do to land that next job: Get clear about […]

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