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How To Present Achievements On Your CV

Presenting your achievements on your CV. Here’s one way to make your achievements stand out. And that’s to make sure that when you write them, you keep them short and you really focus on the business benefit of the achievement. Now, if you can put hard numbers in terms of money saved or time saved, that’s great.  But […]

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5 Tips To Make Your CV Stand Out

For most accountants and professionals the first step in the process of recruiting to a role is to invite candidates to submit a CV. If your CV does its job you get invite for interview. If not you probably never hear from the organisation. So what are 5 tips to make your CV stand out? […]

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How To Make It Easy For Recruiters To Reject Your CV

If you are going to be successful in the job market it is vital that you get invited for interview.  In the vast majority of cases what you write on your CV or in some cases an application form determines whether you get to the next stage or end up in the trash.   Most […]

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