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How To Present Achievements On Your CV

Presenting your achievements on your CV. Here’s one way to make your achievements stand out. And that’s to make sure that when you write them, you keep them short and you really focus on the business benefit of the achievement. Now, if you can put hard numbers in terms of money saved or time saved, that’s great.  But […]

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Why Your CV Is Not Getting Results and What To Do Instead

If you want to land your next job, you have to get invited for job interviews. Your CV is your personal marketing document. Yet the standard of CV is generally pretty poor. If your CV is not getting the results that you want, take a few minutes to watch this short video. In the video […]

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Climbing The Career Ladder: 7 Essentials

Many professional people start out on their career journey with high hopes and great intentions. They may make some progress to start with and then get stuck. So if you are a professional person who wants to get on in their career, what’s essential to your success? Know What You Want Let’s be honest how […]

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