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How To Make The Transition To Finance Business Partner

The role of accountants in business, whether in private or public sector is changing.Technology is making it possible to do a lot of tasks quicker.More routine tasks are being outsourced or eliminated.In other words times are changing.In this screencast video I share some thoughts on how to successfully transition from a traditional management accounting role […]

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39 Years Since I Started Out In My Career – The Learning So Far

It’s 39 years exactly since I first started out in my career. So I thought I’d send a message sharing my reflections on the journey so far. Getting that first break is tough I remember submitting about 40 applications for accounting jobs. I got one interview and got the job. Learning: The right opportunity is out there. A great boss […]

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How to Identify and Present Your Career Achievements

You are good at your job.  You are busy.  You get through a lot of work each day, week and month.  You have acquired experience in many areas. So far so good. But let me ask you a question. What have you achieved in your career to date? I have asked this question to thousands […]

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