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Don’t Rest On Your Achievements So Far If You Want To Build A Successful Career In Accounting

It’s always great to read on social media about someone completing their professional accounting exams. From time to time there will be the post that pops up in my feed from someone who is a prize winner. Huge achievements, whether a prize winner or not. Of course, while getting professionally qualified in accounting is an important milestone, it […]

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Where You Need To Focus If You Want To Get To A Senior Level In Your Career

I work with accountants and professionals. One thing I know about this group is that many of them are ambitious. They work hard to get their qualifications. They work hard for their organisations. They hope that this will lead to promotions and reaching a senior level in their profession. There is a problem however. The further you move up the career […]

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What You Need To Focus On If Looking To Change Sector At A Senior Level in Finance

I had an enquiry come in from someone looking to move into an FD role in the NHS. Their past experience was in another sector. Working with clients over the last 15 years, one thing I’ve learned is this. Changing sectors can be really challenging at any level. You might be wondering why. It’s actually pretty simple. Those making the hiring […]

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What I’ve Learned So Far In My 40 Year Career

30 June 1980  I started my career in accounting as a Payments Clerk. With a 5 O Levels I wasn’t exactly starting from strong foundations to build an accounting career . I was however really fortunate to have a boss who saw my potential. One day he dropped a copy of the local college prospectus on my desk. I […]

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Three Ways Accountability Will Help You Move Forward In Your Career

You talk about wanting to take the next step in your career. What I’ve noticed over the years is that there’s often a gap between what people say and actually do. Left to your own devices you can easily drift.  Weeks and months pass and even a year and you are no further forward. It […]

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39 Years Since I Started Out In My Career – The Learning So Far

It’s 39 years exactly since I first started out in my career. So I thought I’d send a message sharing my reflections on the journey so far. Getting that first break is tough I remember submitting about 40 applications for accounting jobs. I got one interview and got the job. Learning: The right opportunity is out there. A great boss […]

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