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10 Practical Actions To Get You Moving Forward In Your Career No Matter Where You Are Right Now

As an accountant or professional you have the potential to achieve success in your career. But maybe it’s just not happening for you. If this is the case it can be frustrating.  You might feel a bit disillusioned. Worst still you might feel like giving up and accepting that you were not cut out for career success. In this […]

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Three Ways Accountability Will Help You Move Forward In Your Career

You talk about wanting to take the next step in your career. What I’ve noticed over the years is that there’s often a gap between what people say and actually do. Left to your own devices you can easily drift.  Weeks and months pass and even a year and you are no further forward. It […]

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Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can’t You’re Probably Right

You might have heard this statement many times before. In essence what it is saying is that your mind set or belief has a huge impact on the results and success you achieve. When it comes to your career I really believe this is a huge issue. I’ve had the pleasure to work with some […]

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Are You In Danger Of Being Like BHS?

BHS (British Home Stores) is a long established retailer on the UK high street. Recently it was announced that they were in trouble financially. There was lots of discussion if it was going to be the next retailer to disappear. In many ways it has lost its way and is out of touch. Now you […]

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What Are You Really Good At?

You will have heard me say many times in blog posts, videos and perhaps even in person that you have to be able to market and sell yourself to potential employers. The thing is most professionals either don’t spend the time really getting an insight into themselves and what they offer to a potential employer […]

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4 Reasons Why You Need To Plan Your Career

Many accountants and professionals want to build a successful career.  Trouble is success in your career doesn’t happen by chance. In this short video I share 4 reasons why a career plan matters in terms of you being successful in your career For help and support in taking your career to the next level, click […]

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