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What Will Help You To Build A Successful Career In Accounting?

Working in accounting and finance roles can be hugely rewarding. Whenever I look back over the 25 years I had in various roles, I really was pleased with the progress I made. Sadly, one thing I see way too often is accountants struggle to build the career they wanted. Which is a real shame. It got me thinking about […]

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Don’t Focus Here If You Want To Build A Successful Accounting Career

Those who get a professional accounting qualification clearly have a lot of potential. Even though there are far more qualified accountants here in the UK than when I started out in my career, the number with professional qualifications is still comparatively small in percentage terms. There is one big danger that you need to be alert to […]

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Where Are You Heading In Your Accounting Career?

If you have invested the time and effort to get your professional accounting qualification, you have potential, without doubt. Equally, I’ve noticed that many smart accountants, who sail through their exams, sometimes don’t always go on to achieve their potential. Now let’s not pretend there is some magic trick that is going to help you be successful […]

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