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What You Can and What You Can’t Influence In Job Interviews

Getting through the initial selection process and getting the invite to interview for the job is a significant achievement. Your CV, LinkedIn profile and other marketing activities has achieved the result you wanted.  Now it’s just a case of converting the invite into a job offer.  It shouldn’t be that difficult should it? Take a look at the […]

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How To Convert More Job Interviews Into Job Offers

Job interviews for many are stressful, demanding and hard work. Just like a business pitching for work, one of things you want to be able to do is to convert job interviews into job offers. In theory sounds really simple, right? Yet we all know that things that appear simple in theory are not always […]

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How To Be Well Prepared For Job Interviews

Job interviews are challenging.  Yet they are still the most common way of deciding who gets an offer and who doesn’t.  While more and more employers are introducing tests and role plays, how you do in job interviews is a big factor.   The trouble is job interviews are stressful.  Faced with stress it is […]

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