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The 5 Golden Rules of Managing

Good managers and good management make a huge contribution to achieving success within an organisation or function.  At the same time a lot research identifies that the quality of management is highly variable.   So what are the 5 golden rules of managing?   Rule 1: Make It A Priority   You probably got promoted […]

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10 Actions To Becoming An Even Better Manager

If you are good at what you do and are the type of person who gets things done, sooner or later you will find yourself in the position where you have to manage others. While some make that shift from being the doer to the manager with easy, others find it a struggle. So what […]

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7 Key Tips For Professional People Moving Into Management

The best performers in a particular profession are usually exceptionally good at what they do. As a result they often find themselves promoted into roles where the success they achieve no longer just depends on what they do but also on their ability to manage and get the best from others. For some it can be a struggle but often some simple things can make big differences to your success.

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